White for Winter?

For all my anal people out there that won’t wear white after Labor Day I’m sorry this blog post isn’t for you… but if you’re open minded and hear me out I just might be able to persuade you other wise.

So… y’all WHITE is in for fall/winter this year and you bet your ass that I’m gonna be rocking that shit. Ya girl is just gonna need to have a spray tan girl on speed dial.

SIDE NOTE: If you know anyone in the Dallas area that does spray tans please send me their information I’m in desperate need.

Back to what I was saying. White is going to be a color showcased in a lot of brands fall and winter collections this year. Some of the brands such a Show Me Your Mumu, Planet Blue, For Love and Lemons, and I Am Gia all have some hot ass pieces coming out. So do not be afraid to break the rules cause really that’s what they’re there for. 😉

Top: https://www.showmeyourmumu.com/new-mu/richie-top-snow-cheetah-silky

Author: Alexandra Banister

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